House B & W

The brief for this home was to create a relaxed yet creative space and to keep things minimal. The main consideration in the interior design was to ensure the simple and sculptural qualities of the house were enhanced, along with the riot of green of the garden. This was achieved by using pared back and subtle materials, with some unexpected colour combinations.

House Gray

House Gray is a holiday home for a young family on the KZN coast. Close to the beach, this brief called for light and airy, with a focus on materials that would last.

The bar at the end of the pool was fully renovated and is now a shimmering jewel at the end of the pool and opposite the ocean beyond; all that glorious light bouncing and reflecting off the tiled surfaces.
The use of oak, rattan and jute forms the basis of the interior decoration to the inside spaces, perfect materials for this breezy beachside home. Pops of colour were added through the fabric finishes and artworks.

Dunkirk Community Clubhouse 

This clubhouse situated on the beach serves a wide demographic, with multiple activities. The idea was to ensure these needs were met, with the emphasis still being on the architectural design of the structure. Beautifully designed furniture pieces, in keeping with the architectural language, were installed, along with some statement accents in the oversized planters and wall tiling.